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Offering Solutions not Products

Invest in Training

Before the Next Project
The most successfull Project is when the internal resources are engaged
  • Minimize Consulting Services
  • Maximize the Project
  • Design for the Business

How Does a Company Invest?

  A business can not plan any project
until they learn what the project possibilities are.

All business refresh their business network enviroment.
The IT revolution has brought many changes to how business performs.
Keeping pace with changes are important. From new goals to further a business goal, to regular upgrades and new technologies.

Investing in Hardware and Software is simple, what is often overlooked is the staff that is tasked with implenting and maintaining the new systems.

Investing in employees is essententail to getting the most out of the project.

The question is how does a company invest for the best return on that investment?

What are the options?
  • Let the Employees learn on their own time?
  • Let the Employees learn on Company time by reading the Readme files?
  • Higher Consultants to transfer Knowledge?
  • Send Employees to Formal vendor training After the project is finished?
  • Send Employees to Formal vendor training Before the project begins?
The right Answer? All of the above, Each element plays an important role in getting the best out of the expense of buying equipment. The most important option is BEFORE the project.
Here is why,

Legacy enviroments, IT Administrators must look towards the future, and not continue to do what that are comfortable with over and over.
As the telegraph and been replaced by the Dial phone, the Dial phone has been replaced by the Internet.
todays Data Networks are changing, what was best practice 10 years ago is out dated in todays world.

Consultants are a great resource, yet they carry some real business dangers to the IT enviroment.
  • Generally Only specific project focused
  • Focused on making everyone happy
  • Patching the new with the old, "just to make it work"
  • Can only complete a project based on the internal departments outlines
  • Plans for todays project, not tomorrows growth
  • Not part of the budgeting process
Just a few reasons to Train internal resources before a project.
A business can not plan any project until they learn what the project possibilities are.